Zeolites,Zeolites molecular sieve factory from China

About BoWen

Bowen is professional 4A zeolite and zeolite molecular sieve manufacturer. Our factory can Export or OEM 4A zeolites detergent grade, zeolite 4A, zeolite molecular sieves 3A/ 4A,5A and 13X zeolite molecular sieves for more than ten years history.

Our products are popular both at home and abroad and had widely used in P&G, Kao, Liby, Transfar, Nice, Nafan and other famous enterprises. Bowen Culture and mission receives "the quality to change the world, "the corporate mission, focusing on the household cleaning & washing industry. For zeolite molecular sieve price list ,pls email info@4a-zeolite.com We sincerely hope to work with you.